Unconfined Soil Testers

Unconfined Soil Testers

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Digital Unconfined Soil Tester, 300lb (1.33kN)H-4180BD
Digital Unconfined Soil Tester, 300lb (1.33kN)
Unconfined Soil Tester, 300lb (1.33kN)H-4180B
Unconfined Soil Tester, 500lb (2.22kN)
Unconfined Soil Tester, Rimac Replacement – 500lb (2.25kN)H-4180A
Unconfined Soil Tester, Rimac Replacement – 500lb (2.25kN)
Soil Tester, Unconfined – 1000lb (4.54kN)H-4180D
Soil Tester, Unconfined – 1000lb (4.54kN)
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Unconfined Soil Testers

These Unconfined soil testers allow for quick and accurate determination of unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soils in the field or lab. The H-4180B and the digital H-4180BD Testers are designed to be a replacement for the now defunct “Rimac” tester. They can be used for on-site pile tonnage or foundation bearing capacity estimates. The light and compact design of these testers provide great portability for everyday field use. The digital model features a quality digital indicator, which provides readings to 1.0lb precision. The load ring readout of the H-4180A and H-4180B provide fast and easy-to-read direct load values in pounds.

All of these testers are sturdily made of light and durable aluminum and feature a geared, hand-wheel loading system. All include a load ring and a wide 4" platen. The H-4180B and H-4180A feature an adjustable height scale, while the H-4180D features a dial indicator to determine vertical travel. The H-4180D is supplied with a calibration chart for precise measurement readings.


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