Universal Machine, 400V 50/60Hz

Universal Machine, 400V 50/60Hz

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Universal Machine, 400V 50/60HzHC-2821A.4F
Universal Machine, 400V 50/60Hz
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Universal Machine, 400V 50/60Hz

Supports the following standards: ASTM C109; EN 196-1, EN 459-2, EN 1744-1, EN 1015-11, EN 13459-2; BS 3892-1, BS 4554-1

Optional machine configuration with single-acting cylinders and pressure plates on both sides.


ASTM C109; EN 196-1
EN 459-2
EN 1744-1
EN 1015-11
EN 13459-2; BS 3892-1
BS 4554-1

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