Vane Inspection Set

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Vane Inspection Set
Vane Inspection Set

The Vane Inspection Set provides a rapid check of the stability of foundations, excavations and trenches in clay. The total range is 0 to 260kPa (0 to 2.6 ton/sq. ft.). The scale built into the handle holds the peak value until reset. Accuracy is ±10%. Four different sized vanes are included with the set (16 x 32, 20 x 40, 25.4 x 50.8mm and 50.8 x 101.6mm). The effective ranges are 0 to 260, 0 to 130, 0 to 65 and 0 to 8kPa. (0 to 2.6, 0 to 1.3, 0 to 0.65 and 0 to 0.08tsf). A "dummy" vane is also included to calibrate the six 0.5 meter long extension rods for effects of soil friction. All items come in a compartmentalized vinyl carrying case with three wrenches.

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