Water Level Meter

Water Level Meter

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  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Water Level Meter, 100ft.H-4041.100
Water Level Meter, 100ft.
Water Level Meter, 200ft.H-4041.200
Water Level Meter, 200ft.
Water Level Meter, 300ftH-4041.300
Water Level Meter, 300ft
Water Level Meters, 500ft.H-4041.500
Water Level Meters, 500ft.
Water Level Meter, 30mH-4041.30M
Water Level Meter, 30m
Water Level Meter, 60mH-4041.60M
Water Level Meter, 60m
Water Level Meter, 100mH-4041.100M
Water Level Meter, 100m
Water Level Meter, 150mH-4041.150M
Water Level Meter, 150m
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Water Level Meter

The Water Level Meter is designed to measure groundwater levels, especially in small diameter tubes and piezometers, or where a flexible assembly is needed to get past downhole instrumentation. Units include a 3/8" dia. x 2.75" (10 x 70mm) stainless steel probe with 10 stainless steel weights, weighing 6.14oz. (174g). This probe is ideal for the majority of water level measurement applications. The flexible weight assembly allows easy well access and keeps the cable hanging straight in monitoring wells. The coaxial cable used has a durable polyethylene jacket with permanent markings precisely etched on the cable every 1/100ft.


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