Humidity Curing Chambers, Workbench-style

Humidity Curing Chambers, Workbench-style New

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Workbench Curing Chamber, 3-shelfHC-3043.4F
Workbench Curing Chamber, 3-shelf
Workbench Curing Chamber, 6-shelfHC-3044.4F
Workbench Curing Chamber, 6-shelf
Workbench Curing Chamber, 9-shelfHC-3045.4F
Workbench Curing Chamber, 9-shelf
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Humidity Curing Chambers, Workbench-style

Supports the following standards: ASTM C109, EN 196-1

These humidity cabinets have been designed as a workbench to provide a work surface, as well as a cabinet for curing and storage of mortar prisms and cubes in 3-gang molds. They feature durable stainless steel construction with durable specimen shelves that stand up to the loading and unloading of molds.
These chambers maintain a curing temperature 68°F (20°C) at an accuracy of ±1°. A humidity reading of 95% can be maintained at an accuracy of ±3%. These parameters are maintained through the use of an electronic, adjustable controller for both temperature and humidity.
Chambers are available with 3, 6 or 9 shelves. Each shelf will hold (4) 3-gang molds. So the 6-shelf model will hold (12) 3-gang molds; the 8-shelf model will hold (24) 3-gang molds and the 12-shelf model will hold (36) 3-gang molds.
Electrical specifications for these cabinets are 230V / 50/60 Hz / 1200 W.


EN 196-1

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