CBR/LBR Specific Load Frame

CBR/LBR Specific Load Frame

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CBR/LBR Specific Load FrameH-4156MA
CBR/LBR Specific Load Frame
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CBR/LBR Specific Load Frame

The H-4156MA load frame has been designed as a low-cost solution to doing CBR testing. It features one-speed operation with a preset speed specifically for CBR tests. The CBR speed is set at 0.050 inches/minute (1.27 mm/minute), ASTM D1883. Maximum piston travel is 3.5" (88mm). The H-4156MA is sold as a set with items in above chart included with load frame. Overall dimensions are: 18 x 18 x 38.5"H (457 x 457 x 978mm).

CBR Setup Included with H-4156MA
H-4156MA1 CBR/LBR Specific Load Frame
H-4454.1001Load Ring with analog dial indicator, 11000lbf, 50.0kN, 5000kgf
H-4158.11Dial Gauge— Range: 1.000", Division: .001", Dia.: 2.25", Brake: No
H-41781Penetration Piston
HH-4178BR1Could not find item in database.

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