Load Frame, CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Automatic

Load Frame, CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Automatic

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Load Frame, CBR (California Bearing Ratio) AutomaticHM-5150.3F
Load Frame, CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Automatic
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Load Frame, CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Automatic

The HM-5150.3F has been specifically designed for those who want a high-quality, CBR and LBR-specific load frame that provides complete control of the testing process. It's single-speed (0.05 inches/minute), (1.27mm/minute) motor delivers precise operation and durability that will last for years.

The HM-5150 allows the operator the choice of operating the test process in a stand-alone mode or from a networked computer. The addition of Humboldt's NEXT software and the HM-5001SW CBR and LBR software module provides complete setup, monitoring and reporting capabilities for a complete testing solution.

The HM-5150 provides two (2) integral and independent data acquisition channels, which can be utilized in stand-alone configurations or accessed through a LAN-networked computer using Humboldt's Next Software. The HM-5150 load frame is built with durable, high-quality components and features the use of a stepper motor, precision gears and gear box to ensure smooth and reliable operation, as well as precise results.

In stand-alone mode, the HM-5150 load frame provides a 7" (178mm) touch-screen controller, giving you finger-tip control of your testing processes, as well as providing real-time, visual views of your data in both tabular and graphic formats. This waterproof, touch screen provides colorful, at-a-glance monitoring of testing functions without the use of a computer. Operators can see all the data in several formats at the machine while the test is running. Data can then be viewed simultaneously or downloaded later to a computer in the lab, in the next room or at a different location, while also providing report generation capabilities from within Humboldt's NEXT software or our enhanced test-specific modules.

Touch-Screen Controller provides:

  • 2-channel data acquisition
  • Hi-res, 7", waterproof, touch-screen provides total control and real-time graphical display of tests
  • Machine /Test control and data acquisition via touch-screen
  • 2 channels provide inputs for standard CBR and LBR tests
  • Calibration of channels to load cells, transducers and other suitable instruments
  • Real-time graphical chart and numerical display of tests via touch-screen display
  • Effective sampling rate of 50 readings per second
  • Stores up to 1000 tests with 3000 points per test
  • 2 USB ports. One in front for data transfer and the rear port is for powering a wireless access point.

When operated from a networked computer the NEXT software provides robust machine and test control, as well as report generation. It also provides the ability to control and monitor multiple machines from a single computer.

The HM-5150 is sold as a Load Frame ONLY, refer to the accessories tab above for items needed to perform CBR tests.

Additional Specifications
Load capacity:11000 lbf (50kN)
Speed range:0.05 in/min. 1.27 mm/min.
Data channels:2
Platen Size / Travel:8" (254mm) / 4" (100mm)
Data storage:1000 tests and up to 3000 readings per test
Clearance, vertical:27" (686mm)
Clearance, horizontal: 11" (286mm)
Voltage:110/220V 50/60Hz - 5.0amps
Net weight:120 lbs (54kg)
Typical CBR/LBR Setup for HM-5150.3F
HM-2300.1001Load Cell, S-Type, 10,000lbf (50kN)
HM-2305.101Linear Potentiometer Transducer, 1.0 inch (25mm)
H-41781Penetration Piston
HM-2305BRT1Strain Transducer Bracket for HM-2305.10 Transducer
HM-5001SW1CBR and LBR Module for Humboldt NEXT Software


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Load Cells, S-Type Load Cells, S-TypeClick for Options
Linear Potentiometer Transducer Linear Potentiometer TransducerClick for Options
Penetration Piston H-4178
Penetration Piston
Transducer Application Brackets Transducer Application BracketsClick for Options
CBR and LBR Module for Humboldt NEXT Software HM-5001SW
CBR and LBR Module for Humboldt NEXT Software
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
HM-5150 datasheet 1016 (Data Sheet PDF)
HM-5150-Manual-1016 (Product Manual PDF)
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