Automatic Mechanical Compactor

Automatic Mechanical Compactor

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Automatic Mechanical Compactor, 120V 60Hz
Automatic Mechanical Compactor, 230V 50/60 Hz
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Automatic Mechanical Compactor

Supports the following standards: ASTM D1557, ASTM D1883, ASTM D5102, ASTM D558, ASTM D560, ASTM D698, AASHTO T99, AASHTO T134, AASHTO T135, AASHTO T180

The Mechanical Compactor automatically compacts and rotates mold after each blow while keeping track of the number of hammer blows and shutting off once a preset number of blows is reached. The start/stop function of the compactor is independent of the counter. The unit can be used to perform standard or modified compaction tests using a 5.5 lb. (2.5kg) hammer with 12" (305mm) height of drop or a 10 lb. (4.5kg) hammer with 18" (457mm) drop. Hammer lift compensates the height of the drop for soil thickness in the mold during compaction. Hammer weight is concentrated at the foot, allowing free fall of the hammer. Hammer changes are made from in front of the compactor.

Included with the compactor are: (1) 5.5 lb (2.5kg) hammer; (1) 10 lb. (4.5kg) pie-shaped hammer; (1) hammer surcharge weight to convert hammers to 10lb (4.5kg); (1) hammer safety device; (1) 4" (102mm) mold, and (1) 6" (152mm) mold. Overall dimensions: 56"H x 16-1/2"W x 30"D (1422 x 419 x 762mm). Max. height in operation: 66" (1677mm). Complies with ASTM D558, D559, D560, D698, D1557; AASHTO T99, T134, T135, T180.
Shipping wt. 432 lbs. (196.0kg)


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Mechanical Compactor Safety Cage
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Replacement Parts

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4" Round Hammer— New Style (does not include weights)
6" Pie-Shape Hammer— New Style (does not include weights)
4" Round Hammer 6" Pie-Shape Hammer— Old Style (does not include weights)
6" Pie-Shape Hammer — Old Style (does not include weights)
Calibration Kit for Mechanical Compactor
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-4169 MAN 0315 (Product Manual PDF)



ASTM D1557

ASTM D1883

ASTM D5102








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