Bleed Stability of Cementitious Grout Kit, ASTM C1741

Bleed Stability of Cementitious Grout Kit, ASTM C1741

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Bleed Stability of Cementitious Grout Kit, ASTM C1741
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Bleed Stability of Cementitious Grout Kit, ASTM C1741

Humboldt's H-3601 Bleed Stability Grout Kit is used to evaluate the bleed stability of a freshly-mixed grout under static pressure. It can be used in the field as a quality control test or in the laboratory to qualify grout materials. When using this test method, contract documents should reference the number of required tests, as well as the test pressure and acceptance criteria desired for the testing procedure.

The H-3601 Kit includes:

  • Filtration Funnel, 47mm (includes viton o-rings and stainless steel 45 ┬Ám (No. 325) screen)
  • A/E Glass Fiber Filter, 47mm
  • Graduated Glass Cylinder, 10ml
  • Base and Support Rod
  • Clamp, Large Swivel Jaw, Coated
  • Clamp Holder (up to 3/4"/19mm)

A pressure supply with gauge, pressure regulator, valve and metal drip wick (paper clip) are also needed, but are not provided.

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