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Blaine Apparatus, Electronic, Semi-Automatic

Blaine Apparatus, Electronic, Semi-Automatic

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Blaine Apparatus, Electronic, Semi-AutomaticH-3056.3F
Blaine Apparatus, Electronic, Semi-Automatic
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Blaine Apparatus, Electronic, Semi-Automatic

Supports the following standards: AASHTO T153, EN 196, DIN 1164, BS 4550

Determines fineness of cement in terms of specific surface expressed as total surface area square centimeters per gram. To obtain the most accurate results, the test should be performed in a temperature-controlled environment. The Semi-automatic Blaine Apparatus provides more accuracy and precision than provided by the manual Blaine Apparatus. The device uses an automatic pump and timer to evaluate the time precisely. Calibration of this unit is done using a cement sample reference, such as NIST 114q. To obtain the most accurate results, the test should be performed in a temperature controlled environment. Unit includes: the unit with an electric pump and timer; measuring cell, filter papers ( 12.8mm, 1000pk; fi ll oil (50ml); plug; thermometer; brush and funnel.

For additional information about cement testing equipment, click here.


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Filter Paper, Ashless, Box of 1000 (12.8mm) H-3056.1
Filter Paper, Ashless, Box of 1000 (12.8mm)
Calibration Sand, Coarse H-3056.2
Calibration Sand, Coarse
Calibration Sand, Fine H-3056.4
Calibration Sand, Fine
Fill Oil for Blaine Apparatus
Light Grease for H-3056 Blaine Apparatus
U-Shaped Tube for H-3056 Blaine Apparatus
Measuring Cell for Blaine Apparatus H-3056.11
Measuring Cell for Blaine Apparatus
Perforated Cell for H-3056 Blaine Apparatus
Tamper for H-3056 Blaine Apparatus
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EN 196
DIN 1164
BS 4550
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