cDAC™ Controller and Data Acquisition, 120/220V 50/60Hz

cDAC™ Controller and Data Acquisition, 120/220V 50/60Hz

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cDAC™ Controller and Data Acquisition, 120/220V 50/60Hz
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cDAC™ Controller and Data Acquisition, 120/220V 50/60Hz

cDAC™ Controller and Data Acquisition

The cDAC digital data acquisition and control unit coupled with DIMENSION™ software, gives you the power to perform the most demanding of tests with our Universal, Dynamic Testing Machines. Both are designed with the ease-of-use and reliability required for standard testing and the flexibilty and advanced capabilities required for research.

DIMENSION™ Software Features:

  • Profile builder gives ultimate flexibility to design and store custom testing routines
  • Standard test library for quick and reliable testing to ASTM, AASHTO and CEN Standards
  • Transducer database to store and manage your sensors
  • Configurable waveform and summary data capture allows total control over the information gathered during a test
  • Multi-lingual test screen shows a graphical view of all connected transducers and calculated values in real time
  • Test data available in ExcelTM compatible fomat for user analysis

cDAC™ Hardware Features:

Provides a configurable design to meet your needs with up to 7 modules (max. 4 of each type) from the following per cDAC unit: Interface, Acquisition, Digital and Servo.

Interface Module:

  • 100Mbit/s Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP connection to PC provides for fast and robust communications
  • RS232/422/485 serial port for connection to environmental chambers and other ancillary equipment
  • USB port for direct data logging
  • Atmel AT91SAM Smart ARM-based Micro-controller for high performance

Servo Module:

  • Dual 5kHz control loops per module
  • 0.01 to 100Hz cycle frequency to meet all your testing needs.
  • Digital on-the-y adjustment of all PID parameters
  • Multichannel selectable feedback from any sensor (or sum of or difference between sensors) on any acquisition card
  • Hardware function generator
  • Bumpless transfer between control methods
  • Texas instruments TMS320DSP digital signal processor
  • 16-bit Analog Voltage (±10V and (0 to 10V) and Current (±40mA, (0 to 20)mA, and (4 to 20mA)control output for servo valve or other control device

Digital Module:

  • 4 x 24V opto-isolated digital inputs with 100mA sink capacity (each can be configured as counters)
  • 4 x 24V opto-isolated digital outputs to drive auxiliary hydraulic/pneumatic solenoid valves with 1.6A drive capacity per channel (each can be configured as a PWM source)
  • NXP LPC2148 ARM7TDMI-S based high-performance 32-bit RISC micro-controller

Acquisition Module:

  • Any combination of up to 8 sensors per module (load cells, LVDTs, RTDs, strain gauge bridges, pressure transducers, and many, many more)
  • TEDS (Transducer Electronic Datasheet) sensors for plug and play measurement
  • Synchronous acquisition of all sensor measurements from all modules to eliminate data-skew
  • Multiple segment 5th order polynomial linearization of sensors for supreme accuracy
  • 24-bit resolution on all channels
  • 5kHz acquisition rate per channel
  • Anti-alias filters to prevent high-frequency interference
  • Auto-ranging ampliers with the following gain steps: 1/8, 1/4, ½, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128
  • (0 to 10)V, 24V, and (0 to 20)mA power supplies for sensors

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