Cone Penetrometer, Digital, Semi-Automatic

Cone Penetrometer, Digital, Semi-Automatic

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Cone Penetrometer, Digital Semi-Auto, 120V 60Hz
Cone Penetrometer, Digital Semi-Auto, 230V 50Hz
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Cone Penetrometer, Digital, Semi-Automatic

Supports the following standards: BS 1337-2, NF P94-052.1, CEN ISO/TS 17892

The H-5237 semi-automatic cone penetrometer is equipped with a magnetic controller device with an electronic, digital, programmable timer that automatically releases the plunger head and ensures free falling of the cone during the five second test. The digital readout provides readings in 0.1mm resolution in either mm or inches. The chromed support rod features micro-metric vertical displacement for accurate positioning with a brass slider that provides smooth free fall, a stop and release button and an automatic zero set. Includes a stainless steel penetration test cone: 35mm long with a 30° angle and a 20g surcharge weight. Two brass cups are included (55 x 35mm and 70 x 45mm) This cone penetrometer can also be used to measure the shear undrained strength of undisturbed and reconstituted soil samples per CEN ISO/TS 17892-06. Overall dimensions are: 8.6" x 6.7" x 16.1" (220 x 170 x 410mm).

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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

Atterberg-Limits-data (Data Sheet PDF)

H-5237-H-5237.5F-Manual (Product Manual PDF)



BS 1337-2

NF P94-052.1

CEN ISO/TS 17892

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