Core Drill, Trailer-Mount 16" Capacity

Core Drill, Trailer-Mount 16" Capacity

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Core Drill, Trailer-Mount 16" Capacity
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Core Drill, Trailer-Mount 16" Capacity

This complete stand-alone core drill rig offers field independence, versatility, dependability, and easy single-person operation. Provides mobile yet very stable drilling platform, which extends bit life. Provides exceptional solution for remote locations.

Features include:

  • 17 HP gasoline-powered drill head with electric start, with 16" bit capacity and a 24" travel;
  • Variable drill head positioning system, which allows drill head movement of approx. 43" side-to-side and 12" fore and aft for accurate hole placement;
  • Hydraulic-assisted machine lift for single-handed removal and replacement of drill;
  • Lockable, weather-resistant toolbox;
  • 200-gal. water tank and 12 VDC water pump
  • 5' x 8' steel-construction trailer, equipped with electric brakes and pre-wired for brake and tail lights.

Horse power: 17
Cycle: 4
HR-2600 bit capacity: 16"
HR-2601 bit capacity: 16"
HR-2600 auger capacity: NA
HR-2601 auger capacity: 8"
Carriage travel: 24"


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