2" (50mm) Cube Platen Test Sets

2" (50mm) Cube Platen Test Sets

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2" Cube Test Set, HCM-0030 Series Machines
2 in. Cube Platen Set for HCM-2500 and HCM-0030 Machines
2 in. Cube Set for HCM-3000 Machines
2 in. Cube Platen Set for HCM-4000 and 5000
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2" (50mm) Cube Platen Test Sets

Supports the following standards: ASTM C87, ASTM C1073, ASTM C109, ASTM C88, AASHTO T22, AASHTO T106

Used for testing 2" (50 mm) cubes and 3" (76 mm) diameter cylinders and cores in compression. Cube test set consists of a 3.125" (80mm) diameter, spherically-seated upper platen assembly and a lower pedestal with a 2.83" (72mm) diameter bearing block surface used for positioning the cube sample at the correct height for testing.

The bearing blocks of the upper platen are hardened to 60 HRC and plane to .0005" (.01 mm) and hard plated for corrosion resistance.

The upper bearing block is closely held in its spherical seat, but is free to tilt in any direction and seat securely under load. The bearing blocks are removable and replaceable. The platen is easily installed in the upper crosshead of the load frame and is securely held in place by either the holding stem, hex bolt or draw rod system.

Spacers are required for testing 3" diameter cylinders or cores. Cube pedestal is not used when testing cylinders or cores.

HCM-0112SA: 2" Cube Test Set, HCM-0030 Series Machines
HCM-0112A: 2" Cube Test Set, HCM-2500 Series Machines
HCM-0114A: 2" Cube Test Set, HCM-3000 Series Machines
HCM-0115A: 2" Cube Test Set, HCM-4000 and HCM-5000 Series Machines




ASTM C1073





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