Dean Stark Moisture Test Apparatus, Electric

Dean Stark Moisture Test Apparatus, Electric

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Dean-Stark, Electric-Heated, 10ml
Dean-Stark, Electric-Heated, 25ml
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Dean Stark Moisture Test Apparatus, Electric

Supports the following standards: ASTM D244, ASTM D95, AASHTO T59, AASHTO T110

The dean stark moisture test apparatus is used to determine the water content in petroleum products, tars, emulsified asphalts and other bituminous materials by the distillation method. The distillation process allows the water in the test sample to be isolated and collected in the receiver of the Trap. This model uses a glass flask, which is heated by an electric heater. The complete set is comprised of the items listed in the table below.

Included in this setup is:
Electric, heater 0-750W— H-2430.1
Flask, 500ml— H-2430.4
Condenser, Liebig— H-2430.3
Distillation trap, 10ml— H-2435.10
Support stand— H-21232
Clamp, brass— H-8325
Clamp, round jaw, coated— H-8572

The H-2430.4F substitutes a 25ml Distillation trap (H-2435.25) for the 10ml trap.

Replacement Parts

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Electric, heater 0-750W
Condenser, liebig
Glass Distillation Traps for Volatile Distillates
Clamp Holders
Bunsen Round Jaw Extension Clamps
Support Stand
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