Double Ring Infiltrometer

Double Ring Infiltrometer

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Double Ring InfiltrometerHM-4502
Double Ring Infiltrometer
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Double Ring Infiltrometer

Supports the following standards: ASTM D3385

Ideal for field testing, as well as lab use. The Double-Ring Infiltrometer provides actual field measurements of the rate of infiltration of water or other liquid through soils, especially fine-grained soils. The test provides reliable data for use in environmental and other geotechnical studies, such as liquid waste disposal; leaching; drainage; irrigation requirements, and canal or reservoir leakage.
The Infiltrometer is comprised of two stainless steel rings measuring 12" and 24" dia x 20"H (304.8 and 609.6 dia x 508mm). These rings are driven into the soil in a concentric arrangement using the included driving plate.

The rings are filled with water and the water level is maintained by the use of constant-head Mariotte reservoir cylinders, which provide a constant head of water for the duration of the test. The velocity of liquid passing into the soil from the inner ring is equivalent to the infiltration rate. Water between the two rings promotes one-dimensional vertical flow beneath the inner ring.

A mariotte tube provides a constant head of water for flow tests. Graduations on the side of the tube used to determine flow rate. Sealed adjusting tube raises or lowers the head inside the infiltrometer ring. There is a main flow valve in the base platform and a bleed valve next to the adjusting tube seal. Includes: 0.5" thick (12.7mm) aluminum driving cap with centering pins; two, 6" square (152.4mm) neoprene splash guards; and two mariotte tubes with 3,000 ml and 10,000 ml capacities with support stands, flexible tubing and rubber splash guards


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
HM-4502 MAN 0813 (Product Manual PDF)


ASTM D3385

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