Heavy-Duty Tester Kit — 145kN Digital Gauge

Heavy-Duty Tester Kit — 145kN Digital Gauge

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Heavy-Duty Tester Kit — 145kN Digital Gauge
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Heavy-Duty Tester Kit — 145kN Digital Gauge

The HC-2959 comes with three (3)k fully-adaptable, telescopic aluminum legs are held in place with steel ball pins, offering easy assembly and adjustment. The swivel feet offer 30mmm of fine adjustment. Load application is achieved via a ratchet handle, which drives a hydraulic multiplier and the applied load is recorded on a integral digital gauge.

Kit Contents:
Includes tester body and operating nut; Digital gauge (0-145kN); Offset load spreading bridge with 10mm eye hook; (3) telescopic legs with fully-adjustable swivel feet; 400mm M20 connecting rod; M20 adjustable nut; 22mm Rachet spanner; (5) M20 threaded adapters – M12, M16, M20, M24, M30; Dual spirit level; Hex wrenches and spare screws, carrying case and calibration certificate.


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Analog and Digital Gauges for Anchor Test


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

Pull-Off-Testers (Data Sheet PDF)

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