Indicating Drierite Desiccant

Indicating Drierite Desiccant

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Indicating Drierite Desiccant, 1lb/8 mesh
Indicating Drierite Desiccant, 5lb/8 mesh
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Indicating Drierite Desiccant

Supports the following standards: ASTM D4643, ASTM D854, ASTM D4

Indicating drierite is impregnated with cobalt chloride. This desiccant is blue when dru and changes to pink upon absorption of moisture. The color change is pronounced and clearly visible. This makes indicating drierite valuable when it is necessary to know with certainty that dryness is being maintained and to signal when the drying agent should be replaced. It has the same efficiency as regular drierite and can be regenerarted for reuse.


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-1758 SDS (Product SDS PDF)


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