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Basic Equipment Set

1 H-1550 Solubility of Bituminous Materials Test Set
1 H-1550.1 Gooch crucible
1 H-1550.2 Crucible holder
1 H-1550.3 Buchner funnel
1 H-1550.8 Glass fiber filters
1 H-12155 3/8" Threaded Coupling
1 H-4913.500 Erlenmeyer Flask, Vented; Capacity: 500 ml
1 H-1550.5 Stopper #7
1 H-1448RT Rubber Tubing
1 H-12020 Chapman, Swirling-Type, Nickel-plated, designed fro greater air entrainment capacity. 3/8" NPT tapered Water Inlet, 5-3/8"(137mm) Length

Required but not Included in Basic Set

1Choose One:
H-1758 Indicating Drierite Desiccant, 1lb/8 mesh
H-1761 Indicating Drierite Desiccant, 5lb/8 mesh
H-4960 Desiccator Jar, 5" (128mm) Dia.
H-4961 Desiccator Jar, 8" (203mm) Dia.
1Choose One:
H-4930.250 Porcelain Evaporating Dish; 250ml capacity, 115mm did. x 45mm height
H-4930.500 Porcelain Evaporating Dish; 525ml capacity, 165mm dia. x 54mm height
1Choose One:
HB-4533A Adam CQT Core Portable Balance, 2600g x 0.1g – 120V 60Hz w/ Hard Case
HB-4533A.4F Adam CQT Core Portable Balance, 2000g x .1g – 220V 50/60Hz
HB-4628 Ohaus Scout STX Balance, 2200g x 0.1g - 120V 60Hz
HB-4628.4F Ohaus Scout STX Balance, 2200g x 0.1g - 220V 50/60Hz
1Choose One:
H-30201 Medium Benchtop Muffle Furnace, 120V 50/60Hz
H-30201.4F Medium Benchtop Muffle Furnace, 240V 50/60Hz

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