Desiccator Jar

Desiccator Jar

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  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Desiccator Jar, 5" (128mm) Dia. H-4960
Desiccator Jar Desiccator Jar, 5" (128mm) Dia.
Desiccator Jar, 8" (203mm) Dia. H-4961
Desiccator Jar Desiccator Jar, 8" (203mm) Dia.
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Desiccator Jar

Supports the following standards: ASTM C472, ASTM D4943, ASTM D4

Heavy-walled, annealed jar has finely ground flanges and cover knob. Includes specimen plate.

H-4960— 5" (128mm) Jar has 5" inside diameter and 5.25" (134mm) inside height.

H-4961 8" (203mm) Jar has 8" inside diameter and height.


  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Drierite Desiccant, 8 mesh Drierite Desiccant, 8 meshClick for Options
Indicating Drierite Desiccant Indicating Drierite DesiccantClick for Options
Indicating Drierite Air Drying Unit H-1759
Indicating Drierite Air Drying Unit
Desiccator Plate for H-4960 Dessiccator
Desiccator Plate for H-4961 Dessiccator
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ASTM D4943

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