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Kits with Digital Gauge

Kits with Digital Gauge New

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Anchor Test – 25kN Digital, UNC ThreadHD-2957DU
Anchor Test – 25kN Digital, UNC Thread
Anchor Test – 25kN Digital, Metric ThreadHD-2957DM
Anchor Test – 25kN Digital, Metric Thread
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Kits with Digital Gauge

All Bond and Anchor Test sets are available with a standard digital gauge. The use of digital gauges provides many advantages including improved accuracy of ± 0.5% full-scale deflection (the analog gauge has an accuracy of ± 2%).
Other Features Include:
• Backlight facility for improved viewing in low-light applications
• Ability to change the screen orientation, allowing easy reading from any angle
• Tougher outer gauge protective cover included
• Improved interface, allowing easier setup and operation of facilities, such as “peak hold”
• Improved transducer, 1000 bar is standard
• Range of display units kN, lbg, Kips, psi or bar


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