NCAT Field Permeameter Kit

NCAT Field Permeameter Kit

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NCAT Field Permeameter Kit

NCAT Field Permeameter Kit

The NCAT field permeameter kit is a falling-head permeameter using Darcy’s law to determine rate of water flow through asphalt pavement. This design was selected by the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) for its close correlation with laboratory test results. Testing and subsequent calculations can usually be completed in 10-15 minutes by one technician.

The HM-9113.1 permeameter is supplied in two sections and constructed of rugged plastic. In use, sealing material is placed on the base plate and the unit seated against the pavement using gentle foot pressure and included base weights. After filling with water, outflow is observed using the clearly marked graduations. The smallest, uppermost tier allows rapid determinations in low-porosity pavements. The larger diameter tiers are used to accurately read flow on more porous pavements. The alternate top section can be used to replace the two top tiers with one larger diameter tier. This allows for extended test times on moderately permeable mats or for rapid filling when testing highly permeable mixes. The NCAT field permeameter kit provides the user with a complete operation package for using the NCAT field permeater. It includes the 4-tiered HM-9113.1 permeameter; an alternate graduated top section; a filling tube; moldable sealent for sealing the permeameter to its base; a whisk broom for test site preparation and (4) 5lb (2.3kg) base weights to help seal the permeatmeter to the test surface.


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

HM-9113 Manual (Product Manual PDF)

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