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Get Fast and Accurate Moisture Readings!

Get Fast and Accurate Moisture Readings!

Humboldt's Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester is portable, easy-to-use, and do not require a power supply. The Speedy® is widely used for rapid, accurate, and reliable moisture tests on materials such as sand, aggregates, ores, coal, soils, ceramics, abrasives, and other powders. Read More >

This Humboldt Load Frame has Asphalt Balanced Mix Testing Covered!

This Humboldt Load Frame has Asphalt Balanced Mix Testing Covered!

Humboldt’s HM-5125A.3F is designed to easily and efficiently provide precise test-rate control for the automated testing of balanced mix samples. This easy-to-operate load frame allows you to easily choose your test and its parameters in the Test Setup Wizard for automated operation of the testing process and results. Read More >

NEW, light weight 4" x 8" Capping Rings

NEW, light weight 4" x 8" Capping Rings

Humboldt's new lightweight aluminum capping rings, for use with 4" x 8" cylinders and pad caps, have been designed to make preparing cylinders for breaks easier. These new rings weigh just 1.7 lbs each as compared to the standard rings, which weigh 4.6 lbs. Read More >

Mud Flow and Density Testing Equipment from Humboldt

Mud Flow and Density Testing Equipment from Humboldt

Let Humboldt be your source for mud flow and density testing equipment. We stock and are ready to ship mud balances and TRU-WATE Density Balances. Read More >

Digital Thermometers? We've got a great selection!

Digital Thermometers? We've got a great selection!

Humboldt has a great selection of high-quality, hand-held, digital thermometers. Read More >

Take advantage of these Online Soil Testing Classes

Take advantage of these Online Soil Testing Classes

Tufts University will be hosting two, online graduate experimental methods classes dealing with soil properties and soil mechanics testing. The classes will be presented in a hybrid fashion including laboratory videos and online sessions. Read More >

Control Your Curing Room with the VaporPlus System

Control Your Curing Room with the VaporPlus System

Use the VaporPlus Curing Room System to set and maintain your curing room humidity levels to ASTM Specs. Read More >

Come see the NEW 

Come see the NEW 

Our new website has a lot of great new and improved features! Not only does it have a sleek, new modern look, but the new website also has an abundance of useful information on the use of nuclear density gauges, which includes training videos and manuals, shipping regulations and forms, calibration and gauge repairs, as well as a support page where you can quickly get help with any of your questions. Read More >

Automate Your Vicat Testing for Improved Lab Efficiencies

Automate Your Vicat Testing for Improved Lab Efficiencies

These computer-controlled, Vicat machines can be used to determine the initial and final setting time of cement, mortar pastes and gypsum. Available in single and multi-station units, these machines automatically monitor the setting process and provide output curves of the process. Read More >

Look to Humboldt for all your soil mechanics and geotechnical testing needs.

Look to Humboldt for all your soil mechanics and geotechnical testing needs.

We carry an extensive line of testing equipment, which includes our new Automated, Pressure Controller designed to handle saturation, consolidation and permeation of triaxial test samples, as well as perform a shear function with the use of its integral HM-5020 Triaxial Load Frame. Read More >

Looking for Shelby Tubes?

Looking for Shelby Tubes?

Humboldt carries a complete line of high-quality, thin-walled samplers from 2 to 5 inch OD and in lengths up to 36 inches. We also stock Shelby tube accessories, such as Drive heads, Shelby tube caps, Expansion packers and Sealing wax. Read More >

HAPPY 4th of July!

HAPPY 4th of July!

Humboldt will be closed on Friday, July 3rd to Celebrate Independence Day. As we celebrate our freedom, let us not forget to thank those that have fought for our country to give us this day. Have a fun and safe 4th of July. As always, our website will be available for online orders during this time. Read More >

We have updated our online Capabilities!

We have updated our online Capabilities!

Our NEW ONLINE CATALOG has a lot of new and improved great features! Not only are you able to print non-sequential page ranges! But now you can simply click on the product photo or title and you will go to the product page on the website, where you can purchase or get more information, including brochures and manuals. All you have to do is hover over the item you wish to buy, when it turns blue, click on it and it will take you straight to the item on! It's that simple. Read More >

See What’s New in Concrete Crack Monitors

See What’s New in Concrete Crack Monitors

Humboldt’s concrete crack data loggers provide a method to monitor cracks and linear displacements in concrete structures, featuring an integrated data logger, which measure both displacement and temperature. With their ability to accommodate extension cables, these data loggers are the perfect solution for bridge decks, wide expanses, multi-faceted structures and other hard to reach places. Read More >

Take a look at what’s new with Asphalt Testing Equipment

Take a look at what’s new with Asphalt Testing Equipment

Humboldt Has You Covered… No matter what asphalt testing you may be doing. From the lab to on site, Humboldt has the testing equipment you need. Products on our website are arranged into categories to assist you in finding what you are looking for. Read More >

Measure Water Levels Quickly and Accurately with Humboldt’s Water Level Indicators!

Measure Water Levels Quickly and Accurately with Humboldt’s Water Level Indicators!

The Humboldt Water Level Indicators determine water levels in drainage operations, dams, reservoirs, embankments, wells, bore holes, underground cavities, or any hydrological/geological work. Works well with small openings, holes & shafts that are not always straight. Compact, self-contained units feature a jointed design for easy access to difficult openings. Read More >

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