Nuclear Gauge Containment System

Nuclear Gauge Containment System

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Nux Case for Humboldt Gauges
Nux Box Case for Troxler Gauges 3400 Series
Nux Case for CPN Gauges
Nux Box Case for T-4640 Series Gauges
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Nuclear Gauge Containment System

The NUX safety containment box is an enhanced field security system for nuclear gauges. Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum diamond plate, the NUX can be securely mounted to a host vehicle using the locking hinge pin. The box features a titanium series, high-strength lock assembly, which provides a secure storage enclosure for your gauge in its factory protective container. In addition, the NUX tilting feature makes accessing your gauge an easy operation. Help prevent theft, damage, back injuries, misuse of equipment, improper or unauthorized access to equipment or other misguided actions, which may result in unforeseen costs to your company. NOTE: When the metal transportation box is mounted in a vehicle it effectively becomes part of the vehicle. It is not part of the TYPE A package nor is it an overpack as defined by U.S. DOT. Therefore, the mounted transportation box is not subject to HAZMAT labeling requirements and no radiation warning markings are required on it.


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Mounting Bracket for Nux Nuclear Gauge Containment Box
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