Ohaus Mechanical Balances, 2610g

Ohaus Mechanical Balances, 2610g

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Ohaus Mechanical Balances, 2610g Ohaus 2610g Mechanical Balance
Ohaus Mechanical Balances, 2610g Ohaus 2610g Mechanical Balance, 225g Tare
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Ohaus Mechanical Balances, 2610g

The Ohaus 700 Series accommodates a large range of laboratory applications. Standard features include: Faster stability — three times faster stability reading than any other three-beam balance on the market; and, greater accuracy — outstanding beam quality allows for smooth positioning of the poise. Include weight sets.

Image shown is H-4604 model.

Platform for H-4603 and H-4604: 6" diameter steel plate
Platform for H-4605: 12" x 6" x 3" stainless steel scoop

For additional information about scales and balances, click here.


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Polypropylene Scoop & Counterweight (703-00)
Stainless Steel Scoop & Counterweight (703-SO)
Under-Balance Weighing Kit
Replacement Attachment Weight Set (707-00)
Steel Carrying Case
Vinyl Dust Cover (706-00)
500g Attachment Weight
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