Portable Bench Platform Scale

Portable Bench Platform Scale

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Portable Bench Platform Scale Portable Bench Platform Scale
Portable Bench Platform Scale Portable Bench Platform Scale (metric)
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Portable Bench Platform Scale

Compact, self-contained scale is designed for rugged use, ideal for location or lab applications where scale can take a pounding. Complete with carrying handle, which doubles as a beam guard and allows convenient hanging from wall brackets, freeing bench and counter space. Weighs in lbs. only. 131 lbs capacity, Top: 125 lbs by 5 lbs; Left: 5 lbs x 1 oz; Right: 1 lb x 0.01 lb; Tare Bar: 0-10 lbs. Metric version weighs in kg only. 52kg capacity, Top: 50kg by 2kg; Left: 0-2 kg blank tare; Right: 2 kg x 0.01kg.

The H-4732 is constructed of steel and cast aluminum with adjustable hardened steel pivots and self-aligning steel bearings. The built-in platform and steel locking mechanism ensure safe, secure operation and portability. Also features a stainless steel poise rail, the beams are mounted below the platform, allowing unrestricted visibility when weighing. Beam balance indicator ensures correct reading. Main frame has rubber cushion mounting for protection. Platform: 12" x 17" (305 x 432mm).

For additional information about scales and balances, click here.


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