Roll-A-Meter Air Indicator

Roll-A-Meter Air Indicator

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Roll-A-Meter Air Indicator H-2796A
Roll-A-Meter Air Indicator
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Roll-A-Meter Air Indicator

Supports the following standards: ASTM C173, AASHTO T196

This lightweight aluminum Roll-A-Meter concrete air indicator is used to determine the air content of concrete mixes, and is recommended for concrete containing lightweight aggregate, air-cooled slag or highly porous aggregate. The meter's fast acting one-piece, self-locking stainless steel clamps assure a watertight seal between the top section and bowl. A see-through window in the neck has easy to read engraved scale graduated from 0 to 9% with .25% sub-graduations. A durable plastic carrying case with a tough die cut closed cell hard foam insert protects the meter and its accessories. Kit includes: Meter, carrying case, tamping rod, baffle funnel, strike-off bar, calibration measuring vessel, syringe, 16 oz. measuring cup, spanner wrench and manual.



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