Rupture Disk, Monel

Rupture Disk, Monel

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Rupture Disk, Monel
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Rupture Disk, Monel

Monel Ruptue Disk. Rupture disks are used as safety devices in systems that involve pressure vessels, eliminating the need for a safety valve. The rupture disk is designed to be the weakest part of a pressure system so if there is a situation when excessive pressures occur, then the rupture disk fractures or opens thus releasing the built-up energy rendering the system safe. Rupture disks are a simple, yet reliable method for providing a safe system, which does not require calibration.


Part Number & Name
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Rupture Disk, Monel
Rupture Disk, Nickel
Rupture Disk Holder
Air vent valve for Autoclave
Safety Pop-off Valve for Autoclave
Pressure gauge for Autoclave
Pressure-control switch for Autoclave
Set of cap screws, 16 per set for Autoclave
Relay 60Hz for Autoclave
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