Shear & Consolidation Installation Kit

Shear & Consolidation Installation Kit

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Shear & Consolidation Installation Kit
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Shear & Consolidation Installation Kit

Kit designed to provide fittings, connectors, tubing and tools to complete a triaxial set up installation. All items can be purchased individually as well.

Shear and Consolidation Kit Components
• .25" OD Tubing, 100ft. - HM-4196.25
• .375" to .25" Reducer Bushing (3) - HM-4150.77
• Cutter, Flexible Tubing (1) - HM-000058
• Thread Tape, PTFE (1) - HM-000059
• Wrench, Adjustable, 6" (1) - HM-000064
• Union T Fitting, .25" (5) - HM-4150.45
• Regulator Elbow, .25" (3) - HM-4150.44
• Tube Fitting T, 6mm OD (5) - HM-003175
• Push-to-Connect Tube Fitting Coupler, .25" OD (4) - HM-003176


Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

Humboldt Triaxial Equipment Guide-LR0417 (Data Sheet PDF)

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