Specimen Grinding Machine

Specimen Grinding Machine

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Specimen Grinding Machine, 220V 60Hz, 3ph
Specimen Grinding Machine, 220V 50Hz, 3ph
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Specimen Grinding Machine

This automatic grinding machine is designed to grind and polish concrete cubes, cylinders, blocks, natural stones, rocks and ceramic materials. Specimens are easily fixed to the table with the use of the proper locking stirrups. See chart for specimen types and sizes.

This unit features a grinding head is equipped with an end-of-stroke system, which allows full automatic displacement in both directions without activating the electric pushbutton. This unit is designed for the simultaneous grinding of varied types of specimens, including concrete cube, cylinders, blocks and rock. It offers the motorized radial displacement of the abrasive head in both directions.

The revolving abrasive head is radially and alternatively moved in both directions through an electric motor actuated by push button. The column is completely protected against abrasive dust. The grinding head can be lowered vertically in 0.05mm graduations by using the top hand wheel. The machine is made from rugged plate and is supplied complete with: control panel; coolant/decantation tank for water and emulsifying oil; motor pump; set of standard abrasive sectors; safety chip guard that automatically stops the machine if it is removed. Both models are 3-Phase electric.

HC-2979.2F.3 — 220V 60Hz 3-Phase
HC-2979.5F.3 — 220V 50Hz 3-Phase

NOTE: HC-2979 Grinding Machine includes Standard Abrasive Grinding Sections, but require the separate purchase of specimen locking devices, not included. Choose between the Fast Locking Device or the appropriate Locking Stirrups for your operation..

Specimen Sizes:6" x 12" (152 x 305mm) cylinder, 4" x 8" (102 x 203mm)cylinder, 3" x 6" (75 x 150mm) cylinder, 6" Cubes, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm Cubes, 390 x 250mm Block
Table Dims:30.5" x 11.0" (775 x 280mm)
Head Stroke:8.5" (215mm)
Wheel Dia.:13" (330mm)
Wheel Speed:1400rpm
Power Supply:220V, 3ph 4500W
Dimensions:40" (1000mm)
Ship weight:904 lbs (410kg)


Part Number & Name
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Fast Locking Device For Specimen Grinder
Locking Stirrups, Cylinders
Locking Stirrups, Cubes For Specimen Grinding Machine
Locking Stirrups, Block for Specimen Grinding Machine
Abrasive Grinding Sections for Specimen Grinding Machine
Specimen Grinding Machine, Diamond Grinding Sections
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