Two-Stage Vacuum Pump

Two-Stage Vacuum Pump

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Vacuum Pump - Two-Stage, 115V 60HzH-1764
Vacuum Pump - Two-Stage, 115V 60Hz
Vacuum Pump - Two-Stage, 230V 60HzH-1764.2F
Vacuum Pump - Two-Stage, 230V 60Hz
Vacuum Pump - Two-Stage, 230V 50HzH-1764.5F
Vacuum Pump - Two-Stage, 230V 50Hz
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Two-Stage Vacuum Pump

Designed for continuous use, this two-stage, belt-driven pump operates on the oil-sealed rotary vane principle and is ideal for distillation, filtration, degassing and as a roughing pump for high-vacuum systems. Pumps are mounted on rectangular steel base plate and include V-belt and belt guard that totally encloses belt and pulleys. Pump pulls 29-30" maximum vacuum. Includes initial supply of oil plus an extra quart of HyVac® oil. Shipping wt. 80 lbs (36kg)


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