Vacuum Pumps

for Asphalt Testing Applications

Vacuum Pumps

The Rice Test is a process used to find the specific gravity of asphalt. It was developed to help determine the percentage of air voids in an HMA sample. It’s an important step in the quality assurance of asphalt mixtures by providing a compaction target for when laying down asphalt.

When preparing for the Rice Tests, high vacuum pumps are used to remove the free air in samples while also distilling, filtrating and degassing the system. These vacuums ensure moisture removal while reducing evacuation time due to the high pumping capacity.

Humboldt offers a variety of vacuum pumps and accessories for the Rice Test. These include:

High Vacuum Pump: this two-stage rotary sliding vane high vacuum pump reduces the risk of oil being sucked into the system

Two-Stage Vacuum Pump: this belt-driven pump that operates on the oil-sealed rotary vane principle is designed for continuous use

Vacuum Pump: this more basic pump is high vacuum yet small capacity, perfect for general purpose work with low maintenance

Two-Stage Oil-less Vacuum Pump: this oil-less pump is low ultimate pressure and low noise, perfect for a cleaner vacuum environment

Timers: both digital times and analog timers are available to automatically shut off electrical equipment at a set time

Oil: Humboldt provides flushing oil as well as general vacuum pump oil to use alongside your vacuum pump for both cleaning and operations

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