Universal Compression Machine, 400V 50/60Hz

Universal Compression Machine, 400V 50/60Hz

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Universal Compression Machine, 400V 50/60Hz
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Universal Compression Machine, 400V 50/60Hz

Supports the following standards: ASTM C109, EN 459-2, EN 1744-1, EN 1015-11, EN 13459-2; BS 3892-1, BS4554-1

This fully-automatic, Combined Universal Compression / Bending / Tensile Testing Machine has been designed according to the EN196-1 and ASTM C109 standards for testing cement, mortar prisms and other binders, as well as plaster samples. The machine features a torsional rigid frame with 5 columns that are clamped in a way to restrict movement. It also features an impact-resistant polycarbonate test chamber for full enclosure protection.
The standard configuration for this machine is 300kN pressure and 30kN tensile/flexural pressure. Other combinations up to 600/30kn are available, please enquire. The test procedure is fully automatic and consists of a digital display with the ability to store the highest value of the test. Test accuracy meets EN ISO 7500-1, class 1 specifications.
Load Frame Specifications:
• Load Cells: according to DMS measuring principle
• Force indication range: 0 - 300 kN
• Force range: 6 - 300 kN, class 1 (Individual measuring range of class 1 is available optionally)
• Piston stroke: 50 mm
• Test chamber height: 200mm with round pressure plates
• Distance between columns: 210mm
• Insertion of standard-specific testing devices and accessories can be changed and fixed easily
• Electric piston stroke limitation and anti-rotation ball joint
Bending and Tesile Frame Specifications: 
Load Cells: according to DMS measuring principle
Force indication range: 0 - 30 kN
Force range: 0.3 - 30 kN, class 1
Double-acting cylinder in servo quality
(low-friction sealing system) with distance measuring system and piston stroke of 200 mm
With anti-rotation lock on piston for force, displacement and deformation controlled testing.
Test chamber heights can be adjusted according to the type of accessories used (can be customised according to specifications).
Insertion of standard-specific testing devices and accessories can be changed and fixed easily.
• Operating desk, which consists of an emergency stop switch, prepared for installation of DOLI EDC Controller
• Hydraulic system with radial piston pump (or Internal gear pump) including all necessary safety, control and directional valves according to DIN 4413
• Accurate force and displacement control with servo valve
• Incl. switch box for electrical connection
The technology enables interchangeability of sensors since the sensor parameters are stored in the sensor plug.
• Remote maintenance by PC and internet connection
• Visualization of the force curve by software
• Force and deformation controlled tests with automatic fracture detection and the ability to store measured data
Dimensions: 47.3" x 22.4" x 93.3" (1200 x 570 x 2370mm) (L X B X H)
Electrical: 3ph 230/400V, 50/60 Hz,1.1 kW




EN 459-2

EN 1744-1

EN 1015-11

EN 13459-2; BS 3892-1


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