Combined Compression/Flexural Testing Machine

Combined Compression/Flexural Testing Machine

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Combined Compression/Flexural Testing Machine, 300kN/15kN – 230V 50/60Hz
Combined Compression/Flexural Testing Machine, 500kN/30kN – 230V 50/60Hz
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Combined Compression/Flexural Testing Machine

Supports the following standards: ASTM C109, ASTM C348, ASTM C349, EN 1015, EN 13813, EN 13892-3, EN 12504-1, EN 993-5, ISO 679, DIN 1164, DIN 1048-1 BS 3892, BS 4550, BS 4551

Extremely stiff, four-column load frame tensioned without any play Measurement accuracy class 1 according to DIN EN 7500-1 in the specified measuring range. This testing machine combination is a space-saving unit consisting of compression and flexural testing machine which is suitable for compressive and bending strength tests of gypsum, mortar and cement samples, as well as light and aerated concrete. In the basic configuration, the framework is designed for force-controlled tests, whereby the force value is determined via strain gauges.

Optionally a position measuring system can be installed on the compression or bending side. The massive steel frame is extremely stiff. The hydraulic cylinders are made from solid material. The end position is detected by an inductive sensor. The compression side is enclosed by four columns. The bending side is designed as an open C frame. On both side is a simple insertion of different test fixture, inserts and devices possible.

  • Solid and stiff 4-column frame
  • Large test chamber protection made of transparent polycarbonate
  • Long piston stroke of 60mm with optimized test chamber height of 210mm for a wide range of applications
  • Force value detection via precise force transducers (DMS based)
  • Various fixed test inserts or devices can be adapt into a machine to test according a large number of standards (ASTM / EN / BS etc.)
  • DOLI EDCi Control electronics fully-automatic test procedures suitable for force, displacement or deformation controlled tests with predefined loading speeds
  • Automatic break detection and free adjustable test end conditions
  • Readout and export of measurement data

The test frame with a control cabinet fulfills all requirements according to DIN EN ISO 7500-1. The complete machine is delivered with an EC declaration of conformity and an operating Instructions according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EG. A large area of the testing machine is equipped with an impact-resistant, transparent test room protection made of polycarbonate. The position of the protective door is monitored by an inductive sensor. When the door is open, the hydraulic unit is depressurized.

Control cabinet
Control cabinet with main switch incl. under-voltage release and emergency stop switch, as well as a “Schuko” plug on the front panel.

Hydraulic system
The powerful hydraulic unit with 20L oil tank incl. all necessary safety, control and directional valves according to DIN 4413. It generates a maximum system pressure of 350 bar and a volume flow of 1.2L / min. A fine 3µm pressure filter in the pressure line is filtering the hydraulic oil and protecting the system components. Incl. filter pollution, oil level and temperature switch(70°C). The hydraulic unit is inside of the control cabinet and is thereby particularly low noise < 66 dB (A). A high-quality servo valve for pressure or volume flow control enables the most precise force and position control (closed-loop control).

Measuring and control electronics
As universal digital measuring and control electronics for testing machines, a Doli EDCi20 controller is used. It is installed in the control cabinet and can optionally be operated with a remote control. The control electronics enables a fully automatic test execution with given load speeds for force-controlled tests (position and strain controlled tests optional).With sensitive and adjustable break detection, the failure of the sample is detected early. Communication to the PC: Ethernet socket / USB 2.0 Remote maintenance via TeamViewer function(PC required).

Technical data EDCi20

  • Expansion option: 3 iSI modules (2 onboard)
  • System cycle: max. 2.5 kHz
  • Supply voltage: + 24 VDC, 1.5 A
  • Control output: ± 10 V

A / B pulse train to control the subsequent electronics Automatic sensor detection by intelligent sensor connector SGS. Calibration data is saved in the sensor plugs. PC required, but not supplied.

HC-2821B.4F Capacity Compression:67,442 lbf. (300kN)
Force measuring range, class 1:674 - 67442 lbf. (3 -300kN)
Column spacing front:11" (280mm)
Capacity Flexural3,372 lbf. (15 kN)
Force measuring range, class 1:33 - 3372 lbf (0.15 - 15kN)
Stroke:2.3" (60mm)
Machine platens dimension:Ø6.5" (165mm)
Dimensions:47.25" x 22.45" x 76.77" (1200 x 570 x 1950mm)
HC-2822A.4F Capacity Compression:89,923 lbf. (400 kN)
Force measuring range, class 1:899 - 89,923 lbf. (4 - 400 kN)
Column spacing front:11" (280mm)
Capacity Flexural:6,744 lbf. (30kN)
Force measuring range, class 1:67 - 6744 lbf. (0.3 - 30kN)
Stroke:2.3" (60mm)
Machine platens dimension:Ø8.46" (215mm)
Dimensions:47.25" x 22.45" x 76.77" (1200 x 570 x 1950mm)


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2" Cube Compression Testing Device
Prism Compression Testing Device
Flexure Device, 6.3" (160mm) Prisms
Flexure Testing Device
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EN 1015

EN 13813

EN 13892-3

EN 12504-1

EN 993-5

ISO 679

DIN 1164

DIN 1048-1 BS 3892

BS 4550

BS 4551

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