Vacuum Manifold

Vacuum Manifold

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Vacuum Manifold for H-1730H-1735
Vacuum Manifold for H-1730
Vacuum Manifold for H-1720H-1745
Vacuum Manifold for H-1720
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Vacuum Manifold

Vacuum manifold with manual valves for applying vacuum or pressure to capillary-type viscometers. Designed for use with the H-1720 and H-1730 constant temperature baths. Integral brackets permit mounting on bath covers. Two models are available: one for the H-1730, which has four valves and one for the H-1720, which has three valves. Both Include a 10-foot length of rubber vacuum tubing, .25" bore x .625 OD, for connection to vacuum/ pressure regulators. Housing is epoxy-coated aluminum, overall 13"W x 2.75"D x 9"H (330 x 70 x 229mm)

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