Concrete Cylinder Capper, Vertical, 6" x 12" Cylinders

Concrete Cylinder Capper, Vertical, 6" x 12" Cylinders

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Concrete Cylinder Capper, Vertical, 6" x 12" Cylinders
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Concrete Cylinder Capper, Vertical, 6" x 12" Cylinders

Supports the following standards: ASTM C617, AASHTO T22, AASHTO T23, AASHTO T126, AASHTO T231

This heavy-duty vertical cylinder capper is used in applying capping compound to 6" x 12" (152 x 305mm) concrete test cylinders in preparation for compression tests. The vertical capper simplifies the capping process by ensuring the plane, end surfaces are at right angles to the axis of the cylinder. The upright is used as a guide for positioning the cylinder. Molten capping compound is poured into the mold (plate); then the cylinder is placed on the capping material. After the compound is set, the capped cylinder is removed for testing. All types of capping compounds can be used with this apparatus. Capping plate is machined and finish-ground from cold-rolled steel to within .002" (.05mm) planeness. Thickness of the capping plate is 0.75" (19mm), to allow regrinding and refinishing after considerable usage should the plate become gouged. Capping plates are round, allowing circular rotation during use that results in uniform wearing down of contacting surfaces for maximum length of service. The frame is machined from high-strength aluminum alloy.

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Concrete Cylinder Capping Plate, 6" x 12"
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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets

H-2952 man 0613 (Product Manual PDF)








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