Vicat Apparatus, 8-Station, Computer Controlled

Vicat Apparatus, 8-Station, Computer Controlled

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Vicat Apparatus, 8-Station, Computer Controlled
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Vicat Apparatus, 8-Station, Computer Controlled

Supports the following standards: AASHTO T131, EN 196-3, EN 480-2, DIN 1164, BS4550

Eight (8)-station version of the computer-controlled vicat apparatus.

Computer-controlled Vicat needle apparatus with six (8) test stations positioned in a rectangular water bath. The Computer-controlled, Vicat Apparatus can be used to determine the initial and final setting time of cement, mortar pastes and gypsum. This eight-station apparatus automatically monitors the setting process and provides output curves of the process. The test sequence is programmable and tests can be performed in air or in the supplied, temperature-controlled water bath. With programmed test sequences, the unit provides automatic registration of initial set and final set times, as well as providing setting plots of the entire sequence. The supplied plunger and needle weigh 300g ±1g and after each penetration the vicat needle is automatically cleaned.

The computer-controlled vicat apparatus includes: Base unit as a table model apparatus with a control unit and standard software for performing programmable test sequences and for data recording. Includes: (8) vicat molds (60/70 dia. x 40 mm conical hard-plastic rings); (8) glass base plates (120 mm dia.); (8) centerings for the vicat molds; 1 pair of cleaning brushes; (1) t-wrench (1.25 mm); (1) t-wrench (2 mm); (2) spare glass plates (120 mm dia.); (2) spare initial-set needles, (1.0 mm dia.); Filter sponge (coarse);·Filter sponge (fine); serial cable, and cover.

PC or laptop required for operation– not included.

Click here to learn more about cement and mortar principles and testing techniques.


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Vicat Needle, 1.13mm dia. EN 196-3
Vicat Ring, EN ø70/80 x 40mm
Vicat Ring, ø60/70 x 40mm, ASTM
Glass Plate, 120mm for Automated Vicat Apparatus
Cleaning Brushes for automated Vicat Apparatus
700g Weight for En 480-2 Vicat Testing
Vicat Needle, 1.0mm, ASTM C191
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EN 196-3

EN 480-2

DIN 1164


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