Wagner Turbidimeter

Wagner Turbidimeter

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Wagner Turbidimeter, 120V 60HzH-3805
Wagner Turbidimeter, 120V 60Hz
Wagner Turbidimeter, 230V 60HzH-3805.2F
Wagner Turbidimeter, 230V 60Hz
Wagner Turbidimeter, 230V 50HzH-3805.5F
Wagner Turbidimeter, 230V 50Hz
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Wagner Turbidimeter

Supports the following standards: AASHTO T98

Determines fineness of Portland cement, using photoelectric cell to measure light passing through suspended pulverized material. Microamp meter measures current generated in the cell; indicated reading is measure of turbidity of the suspension. Includes photoelectric cell {and light source in metal cabinet, timing burette and stand, wet sieving assembly including gauge and spray nozzle, microamp meter, 3 flasks, 4 test tubes, stirring apparatus and instruction book. Battery not included.



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