Asphalt Dispensers

Asphalt Dispensers

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  Part Number & Name Price QTY
Asphalt Dispenser, 6Qt, 120V 60HzH-1440
Asphalt Dispenser, 6Qt, 120V 60Hz
Asphalt Dispenser, 6Qt, 220V 50/60HzH-1440.4F
Asphalt Dispenser, 6Qt, 220V 50/60Hz
Asphalt Dispenser, 12Qt, 120V 60HzH-1442
Asphalt Dispenser, 12Qt, 120V 60Hz
Asphalt Dispenser, 12Qt, 220V 50/60HzH-1442.4F
Asphalt Dispenser, 12Qt, 220V 50/60Hz
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Asphalt Dispensers

Round, melting pot has stainless steel crucible (18 gauge) and shell (20 gauge) to facilitate easy clean up. Choice of 6 quart, or 12 quart models. Includes heavy-duty, adjustable bench mounting stand, which fits either size. Dual-point temperature control allows independent temperature for pot (0-350°) and for valve (1-10°). Digital display may be read in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Other features include: multiple-circuit blanket heater for very uniform heat; no-drip 1" ball valve dispenser, 7.25" (184mm) above work surface; 50-watt valve heater; 3" (76mm) fiberglass insulation; separate aluminum cover; 6' power cord.

6-qt capacity— 800 watts; 1

2-qt capacity— 1,200 watts

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