Hotplate, Economy Basic

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Hotplate, Economy Basic

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Economy Basic Hotplate; 7" x 7" Ambient to 540°C (1004°F), 120V 60Hz
Economy Basic Hotplate; 7" x 7" Ambient to 540°C (1004°F), 230V 50/60Hz
Economy Basic Hotplate; 10" x 10", Ambient to 400°C (752°F), 120V 60Hz
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Hotplate, Economy Basic

Supports the following standards: ASTM C232

Reflective white ceramic surface is acid- and alkali-resistant and easy to clean. Non-heating frame surrounds the heated ceramic plate for added protection. Fit virtually anywhere in the lab. Easy-to-set analog temperature control knob with graduated scale. LED display. Top plate and base design diverts liquids away from internal electronics Safety warning system with visual alert protects user from accidental burns. Redundant temperature control systems for over-temperature protection. Incorporated base mount holds support rods up to 13mm diameter—ideal when using thermometers or pH probes.




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