Blaine Apparatus, Electronic Dyckerhoff

Blaine Apparatus, Electronic Dyckerhoff

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Blaine Apparatus, Electronic Dyckerhoff
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Blaine Apparatus, Electronic Dyckerhoff

Supports the following standards: ASTM C204, AASHTO T153, EN 196, DIN 1164, BS 4550

The Electronic Blaine Apparatus, Dyckerhoff system is a semi-automatic device with pump and time registration for the rapid determination of specimen characteristics. This device is a semi-automatic cement air permeability tester used for the determination of the specific surface or Blaine value. Once the test material is set inside the chambers, the test procedure is able to measure the values for the user. Measuring cell dia. is 41 mm (1.6"). Volume of measuring cell is approximately ca. 75 cm3. Unit includes apparatus, measuring cell, filter papers ø41mm 500pk, fill oil 150ml, tamper and dust filter ø13mm.

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Filter Paper, 41mm (Ashless), Box of 500
O-ring for Blaine Dyckerhoff Apparatus
Perforated Disk for Blaine Dyckerhoff Apparatus
Foam Plugs, Dust Filters for Blaine Dykerhoff Apparatus
Fill Oil for Blaine Apparatus
U-Shaped Tube for H-3056 Blaine Apparatus
Precision Digital Gauge for Blaine Dykerhoff Apparatus
Reference Sand, Coarse, 600g
Reference Sand, Fine, 600g
Light Grease for H-3056 Blaine Apparatus
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EN 196

DIN 1164

BS 4550

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Video Thumbnail for How to Configure and Use an Electronic Semi-Automatic Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus?

How to Configure and Use an Electronic Semi-Automatic Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus?

In a building materials laboratory, the Blaine air permeability apparatus is absolutely necessary. It is used to perform the test and calculate the Blaine value. The most important thing is to use it correctly so as not to falsify the test results. Here you can learn how to use a Blaine air permeability apparatus safely and thereby obtain the desired results! For more information about Blaine instruments, please visit our homepage: For the latest news from the industry, take a look at our social media channels:

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