The Chlorimeter Chloride Test System

The Chlorimeter Chloride Test System

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The Chlorimeter Chloride Test System
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The Chlorimeter Chloride Test System

A field kit for the determination of chloride ion content in concrete, fresh cement, masonry, most other construction materials, and water. The determination of the chloride ion concentration in concrete is essential in assessing the need for maintenance on, for example, bridge decks and parking structures. The test can also be used to ensure that materials used in new construction are free from potentially harmful chloride ion levels. The Chlorimeter produces results on-site, within minutes that are accurate and comparable to expensive laboratory tests. With this method, the concentration of acid soluble chlorides is measured. In most cases, this is equivalent to total chloride concentration. It measures the electrochemical reaction of a weighted sample placed in an extraction liquid. It automatically shows a temperature compensated reading of percent of chlorides on its digital display. A wide range— from 0.002 to 2% chloride by weight— is covered.

Kit does not include required hand drill and calibration liquids, which can be ordered below.


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Extraction and Calibration Liquid Kit (12 of ea.)
Extraction and Calibration Liquid Kit (100/20 jars)
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