CorMap Rebar Corrosion Mapping System

CorMap Rebar Corrosion Mapping System

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CorMap Rebar Corrosion Mapping SystemH-2872
CorMap Rebar Corrosion Mapping System
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CorMap Rebar Corrosion Mapping System

Supports the following standards: ASTM C876, BS 1881 Part 201

The CorMap is a simple and economical instrument for use in identifying areas of probable rebar corrosion. The system consists of the voltmeter, two electrode extensions, reference electrode with copper sulfate reservoir, copper sulfate, wetting agent reservoir, dispensing sponge, 250 ft. (80m) cable reel, and a heavy-duty carrying case. In operation, the high impedance voltmeter is connected between the reinforcing steel and the reference electrode on the concrete surface where a measurement can be made for the half-cell potential. This measurement is then used to determine the probability of corrosion activity. By testing at a fixed distance apart, a grid of half-cell potentials can be developed and areas delineated.


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Copper Sulfate, 8.5 oz (400ml) Container
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BS 1881 Part 201
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