Core Drill, Hitch-Mounted

Core Drill, Hitch-Mounted

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Core Drill, Hitch-Mount 16" Capacity
Core Drill, Hitch-Mount, Auger Capability
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Core Drill, Hitch-Mounted

This hitch-mounted system provides a mobile system, which provides fast set-up and drilling while ensuring consistent quality. Setup minimizes time required to do jobs reducing job costs.

Features include:

  • 15 HP gas-powered, electric-start drill head with electric start, with 16" bit capacity
  • Accurate drilling with easy positioning and alignment of drill head
  • Positioning arm swings 180° in semi-circle
  • Multi-jointed arm allows drilling anyway within the arc of trailer-hitch mount
  • Stand-alone, gasoline-powered system – no additional power supplies needed
  • Easy, one-person mounting or removal using machine's own drill caddy

Standard package includes:

  • Drill Head with up to 16" bit capacity
  • Flexible position receiver mount bracket
  • Drill caddy
  • Variable RPM (300-1500 bit RPM)
  • Water swivel
  • Drive shaft stabilizer system


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Core Drill Accessories, Extension Rod, 9" (229mm)
Core Drill Accessories, Strap Wrench, 18" (457mm)
Core Drill Accessories, Portable Water Pressure Tank
Core Drill Accessories, Water Trapping Assembly
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Core Drill Accessories, Replacement wheel for diamond bit edge dresser
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