Fletcher Burner

Fletcher Burner

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Fletcher Burner
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Fletcher Burner

This burner is engineered to produce a hot flame with economical gas consumption. The unit features dual adjustments for air and gas. Simply turn the knurled knob for gas,and turn the threaded yoke to regulate the air. Adjustable within 1/8" turn and has a 1/8" (3.2mm) IPS nipple below the stopcock. See table for specifications and ordering information.

• Gas type: Natural
• Inlet OD: Variable
• CFH*: 5.6
• BTU Output*: 5,740
• Overall Height: 6" (152mm)

*Note: CFHs and BTU Outputs are figured on: 5 inch Water Column Pressures for Artificial and Natural Burners. 11 inch Water Column Pressures for LP Burners.

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