Universal Blast Burner

Universal Blast Burner

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Universal Blast BurnerH-5080
Universal Blast Burner
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Universal Blast Burner

This bleeder valve unit provides small needle-sized to large brush flame patterns for fusing ore, working Pyrex and soft glasses, and performing other high-temperature melting applications. Extremely accurate flame direction, from three interchangeable burner tips, a telescoping mixing tube sleeve, a universal ball joint that directs the burner head to any angle, and a bleeder valve that controls the injection of air into the gas stream. Stopcock valves control the flow of gas, oxygen, and air. Brass construction.

• Gas type: Artificial, Natural and LP
• Inlet OD: 3/8" (10mm)
• CFH*: 40 (60 with LP)
• BTU Output*: 41,000 (81,400 with LP)
• Overall Height: 8" (203mm)

*Note: CFHs and BTU Outputs are figured on:
5 inch Water Column Pressures for Artificial and Natural Burners. 11 inch Water Column Pressures for LP Burners.


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