Gilson Porta-Screen® Screen Shaker

Gilson Porta-Screen® Screen Shaker

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Gilson Porta-Screen¨ (8 slots), 120V 60Hz
Gilson Porta-Screen¨ (8 slots), 220V 50Hz
Gilson Porta-Screen¨ (6 slots), 120V 60Hz
Gilson Porta-Screen¨ (6 slots), 220V 50Hz
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Gilson Porta-Screen® Screen Shaker

Supports the following standards: ISO 565

The H-4295A and H-4297A Porta-Screen® screen shakers have long been the accepted standard portable screens for field control of construction aggregates and quality control of asphalt and ready to mix plants. These units are also useful for size separations of many other materials. Capacity depends on test material, but may range up to 60 lb (27.3 kg) per test. Vibration of both models is mechanically counterbalanced for smooth, stable operation with no required mounting.

Porta-Screen models are designed for performance durability, yet are light enough to be portable. Trays are quickly secured for operation by dual hand clamp levers. When levers are released, trays are individually removable for emptying, cleaning and weighing.

The vibrating assembly is held top and bottom on hardened guide pins. The 1/4hp motor, drive shaft, and connecting rod are synchronized with a rotating
weight counterbalance system. All are enclosed by the enameled steel protective outer case.

The H-4295A model features slots for 7 trays and a pan while the H-4297A features slots for 5 trays and a pan. Order screen trays and dust pans separately.


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Gilson Porta-Pan for the H-4295 and H-4297 Porta Screen®
Porta-Screen® Cover for the H-4295 and H-4297 Porta Screen®
Porta Wheels for H-4288 Universal Splitter (pkg. of 2)
Dustpan Tray for the H-4295 and H-4297 Porta Screen®
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ISO 565

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