Gilson Test-Master® Testing Screen

Gilson Test-Master® Testing Screen

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6-Tray Capacity, Hydraulic-Clamping, 120V 60HzH-4273B
6-Tray Capacity, Hydraulic-Clamping, 120V 60Hz
6-Tray Capacity, Hydraulic-Clamping, 220V 50HzH-4273B.5F
6-Tray Capacity, Hydraulic-Clamping, 220V 50Hz
7-Tray Capacity, Hydraulic-Clamping, 120V 60HzH-4274B
7-Tray Capacity, Hydraulic-Clamping, 120V 60Hz
7-Tray Capacity, Hydraulic-Clamping, 220V 50HzH-4274B.5F
7-Tray Capacity, Hydraulic-Clamping, 220V 50Hz
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Gilson Test-Master® Testing Screen

Supports the following standards:

The redesigned Test-Master® testing screen now features an easily controlled, integrated hopper for easier introduction of sample material and vertically-hinged front panel doors for improved access and clearance. The 1.6ft³ (45.3L) hopper is hinged at the rear and allows the sample to be introduced incrementally as the machine is running. When the hopper is closed, a panel blocks dust from escaping through the opening. The narrower panel doors require less space to open and fold flat across the front of the unit. The doors also feature a safety interlock switch that disables the Test-Master® when open.

Test-Master screen shakers are available in a six and a seven-screen tray capacity models. Both units feature the same reliable counterbalanced drive assembly, fully enclosed operation and electronic digital controller as our previous models. Sample vibration characteristics are identical to Testing Screen Shakers and the screen trays are interchangeable. Internal rotating counterweights of the Test-Master® drive system equalize the vertical screening action to assure smooth, quiet operation and prevent transfer of vibrations to other lab instruments.

Gilson Test-Master® screens are sold without screen trays or dust pans, which need to be purchased separately for operation. Specify sizes when ordering. In both models, the dust pan may optionally be placed on the bottom shelf of the unit, freeing up an additional slot for a screen tray.

Screen trays for the Test-Master® screens feature a generous 14.75" x 22.75" (375 x 578mm), 2.33ft³ (0.22m³) clear screen area. Optional Dustpan configurations can be ordered for increased capacity, reduced dust output, or dispensing of fines directly into outside bag or container. Other accessories to facilitate sample handling, dust and noise control and separation performance are listed separately.

H-4273B models feature 6-tray capacity and H-4274B models feature 7-tray capacity.

Order screen trays and dust pans separately.


ISO 565
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