Load Ring with Digital Indicator

Supports the following standards: ASTM D2166, ASTM D1883
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Part Number & Name
Load Ring with Digital indicator, 110lbf, 0.5kN, 50kgf
Load Ring with Digital indicator, 220lbf, 1.0kN, 100kgf
Load Ring with Digital indicator, 550lbf, 2.5kN, 250kgf
Load Ring with Digital Indicator, 1100lbf, 5.0kN, 500kgf
Load Ring with Digital indicator, 2200lbf, 10.0kN, 1000kgf
Load Ring with Digital indicator, 5500lbf, 25.0kN, 2500kgf
Load Ring with Digital indicator, 11000lbf, 50.0kN, 5000kgf
Load Ring with Digital indicator, 22000lbf, 100.0kN, 10000kgf
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8-1/4" (210mm) high, 3/4-16 UNF thread female mounting. Available with digital indicators compatible with data acquisition systems. Eight models range in size from 110 to 22,000 lbf (0.5 to 100.0 kN). Meet ASTM E74.

Load Ring with Digital Indicator

lbf kN kgf Model
110 0.5 50 H-4454.001D
220 1.0 100 H-4454.002D
550 2.5 250 H-4454.005D
1100 5.0 500 H-4454.010D
2200 10.0 1000 H-4454.020D
5500 25.0 2500 H-4454.050D
11000 50.0 5000 H-4454.100D
22000 100.0 10000 H-4454.200D


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