Mortar Mixer, Auto Program Control and Auto Sand & Water Feed

Mortar Mixer, Auto Program Control and Auto Sand & Water Feed

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Mortar Mixer, Auto Program Control and Auto Sand & Water FeedH-3854.3F
Mortar Mixer, Auto Program Control and Auto Sand & Water Feed
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Mortar Mixer, Auto Program Control and Auto Sand & Water Feed

Supports the following standards: ASTM C305; AASHTO T162; EN 196, EN 413, EN 480, DIN 1164; BS 3892; ISO 679; NF P15-411

Mixer with 4.73L (5qt) capacity provides automatic program control with auto sand feed and water supply and manually-controlled cement supply. Provides software with 4 standard programs installed covering the following standards: ASTM C305, EN 196 -1,3,9; EN 480 and EN 413. Two-speed mixer designed to mix cement mortars and pastes. Mixer features a 5 Liter (5.28qt) stainless steel bowl and ASTM stirrer, and a two-speed motor, which runs at either 140 ±5 rpm or 285 ±10rpm.

Features touch screen-operated control panel, which provides fast, easy control in eight languages. Numerous safety features are incorporated in the mixer and includes a service program with malfunction messages for operator, including paddle/planetary speed and time monitoring.

Heavy-duty construction of aluminum and cast iron provides durability and a long service life. the mixer provides a powerful motor for quiet and maintenance-free operation aided by the use of planetary gears and a toothed, belt drive. The mixing bowl is connected to the mixer by a quick-release clamping system. The distance between the mixing bowl and the stirrer is 3 ±1 mm and can easily and accurately set.
Mixer design conforms to CE standards, featuring a mixing bowl cover, electronic position monitoring of the mixing bowl, emergency stop switch and restart protection.

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Manuals, Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets
H-3854.3F-manual (Product Manual PDF)


ASTM C305; AASHTO T162; EN 196
EN 413
EN 480
DIN 1164; BS 3892; ISO 679; NF P15-411
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